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Seventy Eight Low Carb Side Dishes

Seventy Eight Low Carb Side Dishes

Seventy Eight Low Carb Side Dishes

Seventy Eight Low Carb Side Dishes where you won’t even miss the starch! These low carb and keto side dishes make vegetables the star of the dish and many can easily replace typical sides like rice and pasta. 

Sometimes it’s easy to only focus on your main protein source on a low carb diet and end up eating the same, boring side dishes night after night.  However there are tons of delicious, veggie focused low carb side dishes that can truly make your meal special and end diet boredom.  From low carb rice dishes to pasta dishes to roasted and grilled vegetables to low carb fries, there are endless ways to spice up your meals. 

When it comes to making low carb side dishes, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Vegetables are the star: Since you won’t be using typical side dish ingredients like grains and beans, always think about ways to make lower carb vegetables the star of your side dishes. Go beyond just steaming or sauteing and think about how you can use veggies in new ways. Throw them on the grill, roast them in the oven, spiralize them into noodles, or turn them into oven fries. Vegetables are incredibly versatile and take on flavor really well. You’ll be amazed at all the things you can make.
  • Don’t be afraid of fat: One of the benefits of low carb and keto diets are that you can embrace fat in a way you can’t on a lot of other eating plans. That means you can use things like olive oil, butter, and cheese to add flavor to your veggies.  Experiment with new fats and oils as well like sesame oil for dishes with Asian flavors, avocado to add creaminess to a salad, or bacon or pancetta to make pretty much anything taste incredible.
  • Herbs and Spices: Adding fresh herbs and spices to your low carb side dishes is critical so you don’t get bored. You will be shocked at how adding garlic and red pepper flakes can completely transform broccoli when it’s roasted or how adding fresh cilantro and basil to grilled squash can change the flavor.
  • Get creative: Lastly, don’t be scared to think outside the box. Many people find it difficult to stick to a low carb diet because they eat the same things over and over again. Instead make sure to mix it up, try new things, and use the list below to find new ideas for side dishes.

Here are some of my favorite low carb side dishes.  What are yours?  

Low Carb Rice Side Dishes

You don’t have to give up rice to eat a low carb diet anymore. Not only can you find cauliflower rice on virtually every grocery store shelf now, you can also easily make that and many other kinds of low carb rice at home using a food processor. Try using broccoli, cabbage, or zucchini to make a delicious low carb rice and use it in all your favorite rice recipes. 

Coconut Cauliflower Rice with Cilantro makes a delicious low carb side dish.

Low Carb Pasta Sides Dishes

Just like rice, low carb pasta options are starting to turn up in grocery stores everywhere making low carb pasta dishes easier to prepare than ever. Grab almost any type of vegetable and use a spiralizer to make your own pasta and then flavor it any way you like. Start with the traditional options like tomato sauce, garlic, butter, or cheese. Then branch out and consider making a low carb lo mein with sesame oil and soy sauce or a low carb pad thai using zucchini noodles and traditional Thai flavors.

Creamy Ricotta Spaghetti Squash makes an awesome low carb pasta replacement and side dish.

Low Carb French Fries

French fries are something pretty much everyone loves and many poeple can’t imagine living without. Luckily there are so many tasty ways to make fries using all kinds of low carb vegetables. Go traditional with your seasonings or shake things up by adding all kinds of spices and flavor combinations.

Parmesan Zucchini Fries are the best low carb vegetable french fry and side dish.

Grilled & Roasted Vegetable Sides

The grill and oven will be your best friend when it comes to bringing out new flavors in all your favorite vegetables. I can’t tell you how many people I know who claimed they didn’t like broccoli or cauliflower until they tried it roasted. Same for Brussel sprouts. Roasting or grilling vegetables brings out a whole different flavor as the vegetables have time to caramelize, brown, and get crispy.

Low carb sides dishes should always include Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower.

Low Carb Mashed Potato Substitutes

Everyone loves a good mashed potato but since potatoes don’t work for a low carb diet, it’s imporant to find a replacement that you love just as much. Cauliflower is the natural way to go since its texture and color mimic that of a potato. However there are tons of other veggies that make delicious low carb mashes as well. Add all your favorite mashed potato mix-ins – butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, chives, roasted garlic, and more to create your own tasty low carb mash.

The best low carb side dish to use instead of mashed potatoes made with cauliflower and sour cream.

Low Carb Salads

It’s easy to get bored with salads if you only every eat greens with a low carb dressing. Instead broaden your horizon and try out other salads and slaws that bring out all the flavor or raw vegetables. Dressings made with citrus, fresh herbs, mustard, spices, and vinegar can all add flavor without worrying about needing sugar or honey.

A low carb side dish salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and a lemon and olive oil dressing.

Simple Veggies Sides

Sometimes you need something quick and easy, and these low carb sides are just that. Made in no time, these will round out your meals and make everyone happy.

A simple low carb side dish with sugar snap peas, sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes.

Some Other Yummy Low Carb Sides

Side dishes can involve so many different things and we wanted to end by including some of our favorite creative low carb side dishes from stuffed zucchini to pizza bitess to cauliflower tots – they are all delicious and will leave you wanting more.

Creamed Kale makes a yummy low carb side dish instead of creamed corn.

Meal Plan Members:  Consider using this list to add some favorite low carb side dishes to your Recipe Queue and Favorites.  That way when you are meal planning, you’ll have delicious side dishes at your finger tips to swap in or add.

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