Choosing A Garage Floor Paint

More often than not, the garage floor is the last thing that comes to mind when we decide on home renovation projects. But given how much the garage is used for storing lawn mowers, automobiles and even offering a great place for kids to play in bad weather, using the correct option of garage floor paint will improve the appearance of the whole garage. Moreover, it will stop spoiling the garage with oil, grease and other liquid stains, extend the life of the floor and make it much easier to maintain the garage by coating the permeable surface. Garage floors are usually concrete and not simply any paint can be used successfully on this surface. Success with this project will require selecting the best quality paint for the garage floor and appropriately setting up the floor for the application of paint.

The first step, which is the most difficult in garage floor painting, is the removal of everything to leave the whole floor vacant. This is when you will realize how much you utilize the garage. After completing this, there are three crucial stages in the application of garage floor paint, which include; cleaning, setting up and painting. The cleaning process is the key and it must be done properly or the paint will not bond to the concrete surface.

Use a pressure washer to completely clean the floor after sweeping it. If the floor has been sealed, it will be important to remove the seal with muriatic acid to etch the floor in order to let the paint adhere to the concrete. This acid can be purchased at the same place that carries the paint and frequently comes with a kit of epoxy flooring. It should always be used according to the instructions included. Always wear eye protection as this is an acid, even though it is a weak one, and it can cause problems if it is splashed into your eyes.

It is very vital to select the correct garage floor paint. Only opt for floor paint that is specially intended for garage floors. Acrylic and epoxy are the only two types that will offer sustainability. Latex is the simplest to use, requiring only a clean floor, most often without the need for etching. But latex does not wear well and will require at least two coats. Acrylic lasts a long time but it requires a primer and usually a sealing coat.

Epoxy paint is tougher than latex and acrylic and has the same moisture control, but it is harder to apply. Epoxy paint needs all the cleaning steps for success, including acid etching. In addition epoxy paint must be well mixed when the hardener and resin are combined. If you do not mix properly, the floor will end up with lumps that are not very attractive and tend to peel off. But the really good thing about this type of paint is the capability of adding paint chips for an exceptional finish. These chips allow for a two-tone color and also give very good traction if the floor gets wet.

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